Is 8GB RAM Enough For Macbook Air?

Generally, 8GB of RAM is considered sufficient for most everyday usage on a MacBook Air and should be enough for most daily tasks. You should experience no lag or slowdown if you run multiple applications at the same time with 8GB of RAM, such as a web browser, word processor, and email client.

Basically, you can get away with 8GB of RAM in our modern technological era without experiencing too much slowdown in daily use. There is also swap memory feature which is very useful In the case of low RAM, the swap memory will use the SSD for storing the temporary files while giving enough time to RAM for other process.

The 8GB of RAM in your MacBook Air might not be enough if you plan on using it for more demanding tasks, such as video editing, graphic design, or gaming. These types of tasks often require more memory to run smoothly. For most MacBook Air users who only browse, work in the office, stream videos, and so on, 8GB of RAM is a very ideal choice for them.

How much memory do you need on macOS?

8GB of RAM is a good starting point for most users, with 16GB being the sweet spot for heavier usage and multitasking. For average use, 8GB of RAM should suffice since the system is optimized to make efficient use of memory.

Some of my exceptions:

  1. If your ambition is to power a VM on a MacBook Pro, you have two potential routes: single out one VM with restricted RAM or equip the laptop with 16-32GB.
  2. If you intend on utilizing Photoshop, Illustrator or any other design program, investing in a 16GB computer would be highly beneficial.
  3. If you’re considering setting up Windows on your MacBook, then 16GB of RAM should be the minimum requirement.

Some Reasons why 8GB RAM in MacBook Air is Enough

I’ve been using MacBook Air for a very long time. It has 8GB of RAM and it’s just great for me. I use this machine mainly for web browsing, occasional video editing, light photo editing, and small office applications. 8GB of RAM is more than enough for my usage pattern.

I am gonna explain 4 points why 8GB is Enough For Someone. If you fall into these categories, you don’t need to think further about getting a higher version.

If You Watch a Lot of YouTube and Movies

If you are someone who spends a lot of time watching YouTube videos and movies, 8GB RAM is enough for smooth playback. You don’t need to upgrade RAM if you’re only using it for this purpose.

If You Do Light Office Work

If you are a person who uses applications like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, or Apple Pages and Numbers, 8GB RAM is more than enough. I saw a lot of people using Mac for a very long time and 8GB RAM is enough for them.

If You are not a serious gamer

If you’re not a hardcore gamer and just want to play occasional casual games, 8GB RAM is more than enough. Many games are optimized for 8GB RAM and run flawlessly.

If You are not a content creator

If you’re not into video or photo editing, 8GB RAM is enough. Even if you are editing light videos or photos, 8GB is still enough.

You buy apple products every two years

If you are someone who buys a new mac every two years, 8GB is enough for the time being. You get a lot of time to upgrade to a higher RAM capacity when the time comes.


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